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I know you like to read bible everyday, but I also know you're busy with your job, school, your family... And sometime you totally forgot about Jesus and your Lord, never open bible for whole week.

We have a gadget for your Desktop, easy to install on Windows 7.
When you turn on your computer, you will see one verse on your Desktop. You can pray, read, share, or leave comments.

The Gadget will show 1 bible verse every morning for you. Look at the video on top and see how it work.

1. Install Bible on Your Desktop

Select your primary version, then click "Download"

2. Open your Gadget

After download your version, click "Open", and then Windows 7 will ask you for Install or Not. Click "Install".

3. How to use Gadget

Gadget is a part of Windows. To control , uninstall or install more gadget, you can right click on your desktop, select Gadget. And drag any gadget to your Desktop. Move it anywhere you like.

4. Bible Gadget

Bible gadget will auto run everytime you turn on your computer. And it show 1 verse every morning. You can pray, comments, and share your blessing. When you don't like to use Bible Gadget anymore, just go to Gadget Window, right click on the Bible Gadget and choose "Uninstall". However if you like this gadget, please share it.

Feel free to leave any comments!

Free Daily Bible For Windows 7